Conference on Advanced Systems for Public Transport

23-27 July 2012 | The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago, Chile

Organized by Departament of Transport Engineering and Logistics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


List of countries for which a visa will be required prior to entering Chile.

Afghanistan Dem. Rep. of Congo Kiribati Namibia Sri Lanka
Albania Djibouti Kuwait Nauru Sudan
Algeria Dominica Kyrgyzstan Nepal Swaziland
Armenia Egypt Laos Nicaragua Syria
Azerbaijan Equatorial Guinea Lebanon Niger Tajikistan
Bahrain Eritrea Lesotho Nigeria Tanzania
Bangladesh Fiji Liberia Oman Togo
Benin Gabon Libya Pakistan Trinidad y Tobago
Bhutan Gambia Lithuania Palau Tunisia
Bosnia y Herzegovina Georgia Macedonia Papua N. Guinea Turkmenistan
Botswana Ghana Madagascar Philippines Tuvalu
Brunei Guinea Malawi Qatar Uganda
Burkina Faso Guinea Bissau Maldives Rumania Ukraine
Burundi Guyana Marshall Islands Russian Federation United Arab Emirates
Cambodia India Mauritania Rwanda Uzbekistan
Cameroon Iran Micronesia Sao Tomé and Príncipe Vanuatu
Cape Verde Islands Iraq Moldova Saudi Arabia Vietnam
Central African Rep. Ivory Coast Mongolia Senegal W. Samoa
Chad Jordan Morocco Seychelles Yemen
China Kazakhstan Mozambique Sierra Leone Zambia
Comoros Islands Kenya Myanmar Somalia Zimbabwe

Remember that not every country in the world have a Chilean Consulate, only the countries that have diplomatic relationships with Chile have this consulates, if you are from a country where there is no Chilean Consulate you must travel to a near country that have a Chilean consulate and there make the Visa procedures.
Due to a reciprocity system, the Chilean Government levies special tax which has to be paid in cash (American dollars) when entering the country before immigration officer. Participants holding passports from the following countries have to pay taxes before entering the country: Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico.

Important Dates

27 April 2012 Early registration
15 May 2012 Registration for Technical Visit in Curitiba and Bogota
30 June 2012 Regular registration
23–27 July 2012 Conference

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