Conference on Advanced Systems for Public Transport

23-27 July 2012 | The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago, Chile

Organized by Departament of Transport Engineering and Logistics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Presentations and Pictures

Monday 23nd of July

Open Plenary
1.a Managing Railway Disruptions
1.b Sustainability and Environmental Impacts
1.c Travel Estimation Using ITS Technologies
1.d Infrastructure Management
2.a Train Scheduling
2.b Travel Behaviour
2.c ITS Applications for Trip Inference
2.d Infraestructure Management and Safety part1 part2
3.a Fleet Logistics and Costs
3.b Pricing and Subsidies
3.c Assignment
3.d ITS Applications and Case Studies
Wednesday 25th of July

Keynote Presentations I: David Hensher, Hong K. Lo
4.a Railway Planning and Operations
4.b Hyperpath Passenger Assignment
4.c Signal Priority I
4.d Case Studies
5.a Delay and Transfers Management
5.b Demand Modelling I part1 part2
5.c Signal Priority II
6.a Rail Based Property Development
6.b Demand Modelling II
6.c Ride Based Travelling
Thursday 26th of July

Keynote Presentations II: Carlos Daganzo, Paulo Custodio
7.a Crew Scheduling
7.b Assignment and Network Design
7.c Network Connectivity and Monitoring
7.d Technological Aspects part1 part2
8.a Optimization
8.b Network Design I
8.c Reliability
9.a Timetabling
9.b Network Design II
9.c Control Strategies
Friday 27th of July

Exhibitors Workshop part1 part2
This is the Dropbox link where you can access the conference pictures.

Important Dates

27 April 2012 Early registration
15 May 2012 Registration for Technical Visit in Curitiba and Bogota
30 June 2012 Regular registration
23–27 July 2012 Conference

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